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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vintage Red Riding Hood

I came across a blog I loved and decided why not feature it?! Stephanie, of 'Baubles Bangles and Beads' www.baublesandbangles.blogspot.com is an awesome fashionista who sells many vintage items on ebay and etsy. Shoes, coats, dresses, jewelry, you name it! The best part is, she models them for the viewers! She always makes the outfit look fantastic, one of the many reasons you shouldn't hesitate to purchase something you see, they go quick!

One of her most recent post, and probably one of my favorites, is of her in an absolutely stunning Red Vintage Wool Cape. The Color and shape are very becoming. This is a piece one will have forever. The hat, gloves and purse are also Vintage and the boots are Stuart Weitzman. I'm sure these items will go fast! (the boots already have!)




  1. This looks so great! Wow, I am so honored!!! Thank you, thank you!! : )

    I had to ask how to send a link too when I first started, so dont worry... here's a site to show you how to do one: http://www.echoecho.com/htmllinks01.htm

    If you still need help, just ask!



  2. no prob I love your blog!! and thank you i will try to figure that out =)

    Thanks! =)

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