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I have my degree in Interior Design and am fascinated with everything having to do with fashion and Interiors. I'm passionate about creativity, love, photography, beauty, and design.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

La Photoshoot

I thought I'd post a picture I did about a year ago from my modeling portfolio! This was done for a photographers thesis show during college I did for fun. I wore my favorite little vintage lace top that contrasted great with my tattoo, and the hair and make-up really pulled the look together =).

Friday, March 11, 2011

A little Balenciaga Lace for this Friday night!!!

I love everything about this photo. The composition, set, pose, and of course the elegance of this detailed lace dress. Sooo stunning!! The photographer does a great job creating a story with one capture. As the viewer I wonder what she's looking at, where she is going in that beautiful dress and what she might be thinking. It's such a capturing photo I could look at all day.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Camera Fun

Just thought I'd post somewhat of a fun picture of myself. I never sport a Red Lip (although I'd love to, it doesn't compliment my facial shape) but this was during an outtake from a photo shoot! I took it with my phone and then used the "retro cam" app on my iphone. I LOVE using it!

Forever Vintage

Today I decided I wanted to create an outfit from one of my favorite budget friendly stores...yes, Forever 21. Who doesn't love them?! Whether you're an avid shopper or the occasional browser, I'm sure you've left the store with something. I hunted on their website through mostly their new stuff, to create a fun "Vintage Inspired" outfit! Although none of this is technically vintage, it replicates a vintage look beautifully and that's all that matters! AND the outfit as a whole is all under $75!! I just might have to buy this =) A perfect outfit to welcome Spring for sure.