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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Club Monaco Saturday!

Happy Weekend bloggers!! I just got off work and thought I'd post a photo of what I was wearing for work at Club Monaco. It's quite different than my outfit I posted the other day. Not rugged or rocker-chic. I find that some days I'm in the mood to wear a certain style, and other days a different style. These are my work clothes however, and if I weren't dressing for work I would probably only have a piece or two of CM clothing on. Ya know, mix and match it with my other clothes =)

Club Monaco's style is similar to French Connection a high end high-street style of clothing. Club Monaco was founded in Canada in 1985 and has 69 retail stores in North America and are planning on expanding its growth internationally, including growth in the UK! Did you know CM is now owned by Ralph Lauren?

I'm wearing Club Monaco's ADENA Blazer, Natural MIKA Cami, White LANA Cami, Cropped RENAY Cigarette Pants, Vintage Inspired Pearl necklace and my Joan David Oxford Heels from DSW


I didn't post yesterday and it was killing me!!! I've realized that I feel incomplete when I don't post for a day! I love all my followers and enjoy the responses I get =)

So anyways! Here is a wishlist I've been composing....Some of it's affordable and some of it's not...If I buy any of it I'll post it! Hope you like!...p.s I've realized that I"m obsessed with Michael Kors...sigh...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Lovely Wednesday

I couldn't believe it...today in Chicago it was 60 degrees! I could finally wear an outfit that wasn't covered with a big puffy jacket!! Spring is just around the corner =)

I thought I'd post a picture of my outfit since it was a monumental day of not leaving the house with with my jacket. I might have to do these more often! I didn't realize it until I broke down what I was wearing, but everything I had on was from a discount store, resale shop, really cheap or thrifted! Excepttt my Jimmy Choo textured Leather Blythe Purse! I actually WON this bag a few months ago at an upscale Night Club downtown, how crazy is that?!

Leather Jacket-TjMaxx/$20 Cowl Neck Sweater-Gap/$6 Black Zipper Detail Pants-Forever 21/$15 Distressed Boots-TjMaxx/$20 Sunglasses-Buffalo Exchange/$8 Turquoise Silver Ring- Vintage/ $12 Jimmy Choo Bag-FREE but valued at $1800!

My boyfriend and I decided to take a stroll down one of our favorite blocks by our place that has a lot of shops and restaurants. I wanted to go to this Vintage Store in particular but when we arrived we realized they were closed due to an odd hourly schedule they hold. I took a picture anyway and will return soon! After we ventured awhile we went to a great burger joint and to my surprise their bathrooms were covered in pin-up girl posters! Soooo i took a pic of course=)

Had a great day and was beat by the time we got back! The weather couldn't have been more perfect though. Oh and here's my on a trash can, the bf thought it'd be a cool pic, and I ended up agreeing ;)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vintage Modeling

I just changed my profile picture on my blog of this photo taken of me not too long ago. I thought it went with my blog better than the other since it's Vintage inspired!

A very talented girl I know had to photograph a 'wrist watch ad' for a class in college and wanted an elegant image that displayed the designer watch. I was so excited to do this! My make-up was done dramatic and the netting over my face and head was actually just a fabric sample of tulle. It took some magic hands and bobby pins to make it look good since it wasn't really meant to be worn as a head piece!! This image came out best out of all the photos taken (I prefer my side profile lol) and when the graphics for the watch were added it looked pretty awesome! Her critique in class went well =) Phew!

Miss Patina Vintage!

A fellow Blogger Avenue M told me about this great website Miss Patina Vintage. It's a London Brand created by a design team graduated from London College of Fashion. The clothing is inspired by Vintage fashion as well as latest trends, bringing individual style of retro and style at the same time! I absolutely LOVE the clothes. Living in America, I especially love to be exposed to other fashion trends and designers from across the seas!

This Jacquard Knit Cardigan embellished by cotton balls is so chic and looks so comfortable doesn't it?! This might be considered more of a "Fall" look but with the light colors and maybe a different pair of shoes instead of boots and her hair up in a messy bun I think I'd definitely rock it on a cool spring day =) As well as the outfit, I love the set of this photo. It's casual, rustic and peaceful. It's gives the viewer a positive vibe about the clothing.

I'm currently obsessed with this romper!!!! This frill collar drawstring floral playsuit (romper) is vintage inspired with a lightweight cotton material. The ruffle top detail can be worn either off or on the shoulder for a different look. Rompers are hands down my favorite article of clothing. It's comfortable while looking flirty, playful and effortlessly stylish. If I could I would wear one of these everyday! I love that I can wake up, put on a romper and all I have to do is accessorize! They are my ideal outfit for the Spring.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Adele - Rolling In The Deep

So i'm on a roll today with these posts! I'm sitting at one of my favorite coffee shops and am just feeling inspired to share my thoughts and loves. I wanted to share with you a video of a singer/songwriter I really admire and am seeing in concert in MAY with a good friend of mine!

The way she belts out notes is unbelievable. I love her vintage look too;) Enjoy=)

*Shoes of Prey*

Ok, SO I don't know if any of you gals have heard of this website but it's pretty much a shoe fanatics dream! The website is called Shoes Of Prey. You have to check it out =) You can choose a number of different types of shoes and then design them any way you'd like. Different colors, patterns, skins, leathers etc. It is pretty pricey but can you imagine having a one of a kind designed high heel that you designed?! I'm pretty excited about it =)

I decided to design somewhat of a Spring shoe! I chose a wedge (of course) and thought the t-strap connecting to multiple straps was a fun look. I chose Floral Snakeskin for the t-strap and toe, Patent leather pink, green, blue, yellow and white to complement the floral in the snakeskin and the same color blue for the trim and back. I think it'd look pretty awesome as an actual shoe =) Maybe I can convince myself to spend the $$$!

How would you design your perfect shoe?!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pleats & Lace for Spring!

I've read and seen on runways that pleats and lace are a big trend for spring! This excited me!! There's nothing more girly than a flowy skirt with beautiful chiffon pleats. The way it moves when you walk and blows in the wind reminds me of a 1930's Audrey Hepburn.

With all that said, I was excited to share with you two pieces that just arrived in the store I work at , Club Monaco!!

The skirt on the left is the "Pamera" skirt. It comes in this beautiful rosy color and black. It's very flattering and can be worn a number of ways! The lace skirt on the right has a certain romance to it, it's very dainty yet rugged, being made out of 100% cotton. EVERY girl at my work is purchasing one. It's a piece you can have forever.

I found these shoes on UrbanOg.com and thought they'd be a perfect accent! They are flirty and fun but not as intricate as the skirt so they compliment each other well. The nude color would be perfect to pair with the skirt and a rose colored top for a nice brunch or dinner. The black pair would be perfect with the skirt for a night out with the girls or a hot date! Pair with a sexy simple top and a black blazer and you're ready to go!