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Monday, March 14, 2011

*Shoes of Prey*

Ok, SO I don't know if any of you gals have heard of this website but it's pretty much a shoe fanatics dream! The website is called Shoes Of Prey. You have to check it out =) You can choose a number of different types of shoes and then design them any way you'd like. Different colors, patterns, skins, leathers etc. It is pretty pricey but can you imagine having a one of a kind designed high heel that you designed?! I'm pretty excited about it =)

I decided to design somewhat of a Spring shoe! I chose a wedge (of course) and thought the t-strap connecting to multiple straps was a fun look. I chose Floral Snakeskin for the t-strap and toe, Patent leather pink, green, blue, yellow and white to complement the floral in the snakeskin and the same color blue for the trim and back. I think it'd look pretty awesome as an actual shoe =) Maybe I can convince myself to spend the $$$!

How would you design your perfect shoe?!

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