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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pleats & Lace for Spring!

I've read and seen on runways that pleats and lace are a big trend for spring! This excited me!! There's nothing more girly than a flowy skirt with beautiful chiffon pleats. The way it moves when you walk and blows in the wind reminds me of a 1930's Audrey Hepburn.

With all that said, I was excited to share with you two pieces that just arrived in the store I work at , Club Monaco!!

The skirt on the left is the "Pamera" skirt. It comes in this beautiful rosy color and black. It's very flattering and can be worn a number of ways! The lace skirt on the right has a certain romance to it, it's very dainty yet rugged, being made out of 100% cotton. EVERY girl at my work is purchasing one. It's a piece you can have forever.

I found these shoes on UrbanOg.com and thought they'd be a perfect accent! They are flirty and fun but not as intricate as the skirt so they compliment each other well. The nude color would be perfect to pair with the skirt and a rose colored top for a nice brunch or dinner. The black pair would be perfect with the skirt for a night out with the girls or a hot date! Pair with a sexy simple top and a black blazer and you're ready to go!


  1. Love the skirts--especially the one on the left:) Can't wait to see what you post next!

  2. i love my new pleat skirt ^_^ you have a great blog!

    http://opinionslave.blogspot.com x

  3. oh thanks so much! im following back :) x

  4. great photos!
    ur blog is great!

    ur tattoo on ur previous post looks amaing too!
    what is it of?



  5. Heyy thank u!!! I really like ur blog =) I followed=)! My tattoo is a portrait of my mom, glad you like!! <3