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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Lovely Wednesday

I couldn't believe it...today in Chicago it was 60 degrees! I could finally wear an outfit that wasn't covered with a big puffy jacket!! Spring is just around the corner =)

I thought I'd post a picture of my outfit since it was a monumental day of not leaving the house with with my jacket. I might have to do these more often! I didn't realize it until I broke down what I was wearing, but everything I had on was from a discount store, resale shop, really cheap or thrifted! Excepttt my Jimmy Choo textured Leather Blythe Purse! I actually WON this bag a few months ago at an upscale Night Club downtown, how crazy is that?!

Leather Jacket-TjMaxx/$20 Cowl Neck Sweater-Gap/$6 Black Zipper Detail Pants-Forever 21/$15 Distressed Boots-TjMaxx/$20 Sunglasses-Buffalo Exchange/$8 Turquoise Silver Ring- Vintage/ $12 Jimmy Choo Bag-FREE but valued at $1800!

My boyfriend and I decided to take a stroll down one of our favorite blocks by our place that has a lot of shops and restaurants. I wanted to go to this Vintage Store in particular but when we arrived we realized they were closed due to an odd hourly schedule they hold. I took a picture anyway and will return soon! After we ventured awhile we went to a great burger joint and to my surprise their bathrooms were covered in pin-up girl posters! Soooo i took a pic of course=)

Had a great day and was beat by the time we got back! The weather couldn't have been more perfect though. Oh and here's my on a trash can, the bf thought it'd be a cool pic, and I ended up agreeing ;)


  1. Love your style!

    - excited to follow your blog and see what you post! =)

    xoxo Angeza

    Check out my blog if you get a chance


  2. you look really great !
    I love your outfit :)

  3. Cute outfit! I need to take notes from your amazing saving skills! love your hair--now I really want blonde/long hair again!

  4. Thanks all of u!!!

    Jewel-Yea i am pretty thrifty when it comes to shopping for clothes and shoes!...lol we all want what we don't have, i've been wanting to cut it short!!!

  5. beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!! =D Kisses

  6. great outfit, i love the ring you're wearing! ;)

  7. Thank u!!! I'm looking forward to following your blog I hope you follow mine =)!

  8. I love the ring and your bag :) you were sooo lucky to get it :) congratz :P


  9. thanks!!! and thanks for following =) Yes i was sooo excited to win that bag, it was an amazing night!

  10. PERFECT outfit.. like the boots and of course ray ban glasses <3