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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Club Monaco Saturday!

Happy Weekend bloggers!! I just got off work and thought I'd post a photo of what I was wearing for work at Club Monaco. It's quite different than my outfit I posted the other day. Not rugged or rocker-chic. I find that some days I'm in the mood to wear a certain style, and other days a different style. These are my work clothes however, and if I weren't dressing for work I would probably only have a piece or two of CM clothing on. Ya know, mix and match it with my other clothes =)

Club Monaco's style is similar to French Connection a high end high-street style of clothing. Club Monaco was founded in Canada in 1985 and has 69 retail stores in North America and are planning on expanding its growth internationally, including growth in the UK! Did you know CM is now owned by Ralph Lauren?

I'm wearing Club Monaco's ADENA Blazer, Natural MIKA Cami, White LANA Cami, Cropped RENAY Cigarette Pants, Vintage Inspired Pearl necklace and my Joan David Oxford Heels from DSW


  1. Adorable outfit! What do you do for club monaco?

  2. Nice! Those shoes are so fabulous!

  3. Thank you!!!! I'm just a "stylist" sales person at Club Monaco, it's fun we help customers put looks together and stuff!

  4. super cute - i stopped by club monaco this weekend. loved everything there!