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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

*New Blog Name!!*

Hello fellow bloggers!~ I recently decided to change the name and purpose of my blog. When I first created it I wanted to focus on only Vintage fashion and findings. I thought I'd post once a week or so and see how it went. I became more and more passionate about my blogging, wanting to post more and more! and realized that I want to blog about everything from my own outfits, fashion inspirations, Make-up, Hair, etc etc. I felt restricted to "Vintage" since it was how I first introduced my blog.

I changed the name to "Lipstick and Lace", two feminine nouns that I love together! I found two images online and merged them together to create a new blog title. I now feel less constricted to post about anything and everything! I still love and will post Vintage findings, but will post more on my all around love for fashion, styles etc.

Can't wait to share more posts with you!

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