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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Downtown Wednesday!

I guess the few days last week that were in the 60's were just a tease....as today and yesterday have been in the 30's. Uggh! Oh well, I got to wear something cute =)

I went downtown with my boyfriend to do some walkin and shoppin so I had to wear something comfortable but cute at the same time! It's hard to tell from the picture but my leggings have a shine/shimmer to it. I love the look of tights or leggings with shorts! That's something I could never wear in Florida.

My Navy and white striped boatneck shirt is from Club Monaco, Shorts-Forever 21, Leggings-thrifted!, Fur fold over boots-TjMax, Purse-Jimmy Choo, Black Leather Gloves- Club Monaco

I was very good today and didn't spend over 20$! Considering I was downtown Chicago on Michigan Ave and State Street, (the mecca of shopping) I did very veryy well! I ventured to a lot of stores but only spent $ at Forever 21 and only looked around in the accessories/beauty section on the 1st floor (of three). I was ecstatic to find this 40 color make-up palette by love and beauty by F21 for $12! I've been wanting to experiment with more eyeshadow colors but didn't want to spend a lot of money, so this was perrrrfect!

I'm always on the hunt for statement rings and forever 21 is one of my favorite places for them since they are unbelievably cheap. I got this oblong black stone ring for $2.80! Ah so exciting, I didn't even think twice about it.

In the second picture from the to you can slightly see my tattoo on my forearm. I thought i'd post a close up of what it really is. I got it a little over a year ago. In french it translates to "to put in scene". I did some set design for a few independent films last year and fell in love with every aspect of film. The term Mise en scene is used on set when a new scene is being shot and the director needs to know what characters, lighting set up, set decor etc will be used in the scene, aka Mise en scene! ...I love it =)


  1. I love the new blog name! :)

    And I love the romper you love from the post below!! :D

  2. Love the tattoo! very cool idea...french is my favorite language--I wish I knew it better! I also love the ring, and let us know how the eyeshadow works! I get skeptical of big multi-pallets like that-hard to find a good one:)

  3. Thank you! =)

    The eyeshadow works surprisingly well!! I was skeptical lol but it's great! I will post examples soon =)

  4. Oh and thank you Kim i'm glad you like the new name!

  5. I love everything you are wearing here. Perfect for Spring.

    Following you back :)

  6. Thanks so much!!!~ Love your blog !!! =)

  7. Love the tattoo, love the outfit and since i am obseesed with big rings gotta love the ring too!!! =)