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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Posh Girl Vintage.com

I found this amazzing vintage website! It seems like each one I find I fall in love with even more. Posh Girl Vintage has everything from clothing, jewelry, kids clothing, mens clothing, shoes to specifics like proms dresses and LBD's. The best part about it is that you can search for items by era. Dates go all the way back to the 1900's. If there's a specific handbag from the 20's you're looking for, or maybe a pair of shoes from the 80's, it could be at your fingertips~!

I found this 1960's Baby Doll Dress under "Little Black Dress" section. This baby doll dress could have been one of the very firsts! It is dated back to when baby doll dresses were first introduced and became popular. Baby Doll dresses were popularized by the 1956 movie Baby Doll starring Carroll Baker. Some styles are actually very similar to what is worn by baby dolls in the form of infants. The gown is short enough for diapers to be easily changed. Obviously this dress has come a long way and more than just babies are sporting it! The style evolved into a well made dress that is sometimes only intended for lingerie while other styles are made for day dresses.

Another great find I found were these rare 1940's platform heels. These are in great condition, adorned by a metallic rope like material. (Left) These 1940's Pink Basket platform heels on the right (Hipsterchic.com) are a similar shoe in concept. It's fun to see how styles can change and or stay similar to when they were first introduced. I think I like the vintage platforms better =)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Silver Moon Vintage

There are clothes that are "Vintage Inspired" and clothes that are straight from the back of a mid century woman! This website: http://www.silvermoonvintage.com/ (located in Chicago) carries 100% vintage clothing, jewelry & accessories. My favorite was this 'walking dress'. I had no idea there was a dress for casually walking in during the 19th century. I found this information on the different kinds of dresses women wore and it's really fascinating.

Walking Dress: "As the name implies, it is an outdoor garment worn for walks. It therefore reflects seasonal change to a great degree, incorporating warm overgarments such as coats or mantillas into its very design as they are not meant to be seen without the overgarment. Summer walking dresses should have a parasol to go with it. Worn with hat or bonnet."

I found this info on this website: http://www.marquise.de/en/1800/glossar.shtml

Vintage Tattoos

Vintage Tattoos?

I came across this picture and found it very intriguing. If I saw a woman today with tattoos like this I wouldn't think much of it, as I myself have tattoos and find it normal. But in the time period this woman had tattoos? That took balls. Around 1850-1900 people who had tattoos were usually those involved in the circus freak shows. From 1900-1960 tattoos were a Sailor or Marine status and then became a symbol of criminality after felons partook in branding themselves for different felonies. This definitely was the turning point that made tattoos more ominous. This woman was obviously a daring and edgy woman in her time! She has an elegance to her despite her large body of artwork.

Here's the link I found this picture on, as well as many others from many many years ago.