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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Silver Moon Vintage

There are clothes that are "Vintage Inspired" and clothes that are straight from the back of a mid century woman! This website: http://www.silvermoonvintage.com/ (located in Chicago) carries 100% vintage clothing, jewelry & accessories. My favorite was this 'walking dress'. I had no idea there was a dress for casually walking in during the 19th century. I found this information on the different kinds of dresses women wore and it's really fascinating.

Walking Dress: "As the name implies, it is an outdoor garment worn for walks. It therefore reflects seasonal change to a great degree, incorporating warm overgarments such as coats or mantillas into its very design as they are not meant to be seen without the overgarment. Summer walking dresses should have a parasol to go with it. Worn with hat or bonnet."

I found this info on this website: http://www.marquise.de/en/1800/glossar.shtml


  1. Love this dress! Thanks for sharing.