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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vintage Tattoos

Vintage Tattoos?

I came across this picture and found it very intriguing. If I saw a woman today with tattoos like this I wouldn't think much of it, as I myself have tattoos and find it normal. But in the time period this woman had tattoos? That took balls. Around 1850-1900 people who had tattoos were usually those involved in the circus freak shows. From 1900-1960 tattoos were a Sailor or Marine status and then became a symbol of criminality after felons partook in branding themselves for different felonies. This definitely was the turning point that made tattoos more ominous. This woman was obviously a daring and edgy woman in her time! She has an elegance to her despite her large body of artwork.

Here's the link I found this picture on, as well as many others from many many years ago.

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