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Thursday, April 7, 2011

~First outfit post of April~

Today was a foggy dreary day in Chicago. Unlike a lot of people I love dreary days =) I bought this shirt and cropped sweater yesterday and wanted to sport it today! The sweater is sooo warm since it's made out of wool. I'm counting down the days until I can wear springy rompers, shorts and dresses...I feel that day will never come though...

1. Jacket, TjMaxx 2. "Haley" cropped sweater, Club Monaco 3. "Hazel" shirt, Club Monaco 4. Leggings, TjMaxx 5. Boots, TJMaxx 6. Wrap Bracelets, Club Monaco 7. Jimmy Choo Purse 8. Ring, Vintage

The wrap bracelets are my favorite accessory. I absolutely loveee them. They add glam and sparkle to any outfit!!


  1. LOVE this oufit. perfect for those dreary days! xx

  2. Love the bracelets! When I'm out photographing I always look for girls with lots of bracelets. Probably because I wear so many myself!


  3. Hey amy!!

    Yeah I loveeee wrap bracelets! I think i like them so much because it looks like you're wearing a lot of them by only wearing two or three!

  4. Love this outfit and like your style very much ! I bought a wrap bracelet a couple of weeks ago, it was the first time I saw a few wrap bracelets in a shop here in Italy and I had to buy one, I fell in love with it immediately ! Keep up the good work !


  5. Thank u!!!~ yeah I am loving wrap bracelets!~....I hadn't had any before these two....Thanks for following =)~!

  6. you are so sweet. wonderful look. Thanks dear for your comment, i will follow you ;)