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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Trends women love but men can't stand?.....

I was reading an article on Yahoo the other day by The Thread on Shine, and thought i'd share it with you!! I was fascinated by the list of trends Men "can't stand" that women tend to like. Can you guess what they are? A couple came to my mind right away and I was right!

1. Ugg Boots

The article doesn't say why, but I asked my boyfriend (who also hates them) and he said "there is nothing to them, they remind me of eskimos and they are just ugly." I myself think that they aren't much of a fashion statement and are to be worn for comfort while running errands etc, but that's just me!

2. Over sized Sunglasses

I LOVE over sized sunglasses! But, I guess Men hate them because they make us look like "bugs". I think oversized sunnies can do everything from hiding a hungover tired face to adding some glamour to a jeans and tee type of outfit.

3. Jumpsuits

I wasn't surprised that guys weren't fans of this one. It's hard to pull this look off, but if it is done right I think it can look great. Guys supposedly associate this look with the 70's and don't understand the retro trend.

4. Red Lipstick

I was really surprised at this one!! When worn right it's such a classy sexy look, but I've heard from a few guys that it reminds them of a hooker, and/or it's just a turn off because they can't kiss a girl with red lipstick without it smudging!

5. Harem Pants

Not surprised at this one either!! It's a similar dislike to the Jumpsuits. Guys associate harem pants with oversized diapers. Unless worn on the right tall and lengthy woman with heels, i might have to agree with the guys on this one!


  1. haha i love jumpsuits and red lips but am with the boys on the harem pants and ugg boots (worn anytime outside of snowstorms). great post!!

  2. lovely things!!!

  3. so true!!!

    My fiance hate all those trends