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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Love&Beauty Eyeshadow Forever 21

Last week I posted about a new 40 color eyeshadow palette I bought from Forever 21. It was only 12$ so you can imagine I was a bit skeptical! I've been wearing it however, and am excited to report it's really great eyeshadow!!! I think the trick to any eyeshadow whether it's $1 or $50 is using an eyeshadow primer before you apply the eyeshadow. I never wear eyeshadow without it. I feel like the shadow goes on and stays on 100x's better with primer. I bought this Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion like two years ago and am almost out! It really lasts and is the greatest tool in my make-up kit.


  1. agreed about primer, im more into buying cheaper shadows because i know i have the urban decay amazing primer haha. would you say the shadows have good color? like true or are they faded? love the makeup look on you! xoxo

  2. The colors are good, they are true to their color for sure and don't fade.....thank u!!!!!

  3. The make-up looks great - I love the colour of the eyeshadows!