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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Short hair, long hair?

I absolutely LOVE when a celebrity chops their locks off....or anyone for that matter! It's such a bold move that a lot of people are too afraid to take. I think the hardest part about it is about the fear you won't get the cut you're asking for..finding a hair dresser that will do exactly what you want. I've been to too many stylists that butchered my hair instead of achieving the cut I wanted...and when you're getting a lot chopped off, it's pretty important to get it just right!

These celebrities hair were some of my top faves! I myself have very long hair and have been wanting to cut it for awhile....I like looking at these for inspiration!

Swimsuit Model Brooklyn Decker recently cut 10" off! I really like it. It's perfect for spring and it looks easy to maintain. The layers help make it look full and effortless.

Katherine Heigl has come a long way in her movie career and is a recent new mother! Her hair has been short before but not this short, it really works on her!

This style is my favorite!! Kimberly Caldwell is so beautiful and talented. With that smile she can pull off any style. I loveee her short hair the best. Maybe I'll give that a try!


  1. love this post! I have gone back & forth between short & long hair a few times - it's always nice to be bold & switch it up ;)

    thanks for your comment on my blog :)

    your newest follower,
    Corinne xo

  2. Aw thanks!! Yeah it's so fun to change up hairstyles!

    Glad you like my blog, yours is great! thanks for following =)

  3. Hey thanks for commenting and following my blog! I'm glad you like it. I love extreme changes. They make me feel like I'm on one of those makeover shows. Great post! I'm definitely going to follow you back.


  4. Hi from a fellow Chicago blogger!

    I have switched back and forth from long to short hair for years now, loved this post! Great blog :) Hope you will check out mine, too!

    -Hallie :)

  5. Ggreat blog, I'm your new follower :)


  6. Love this! love short hairrr! I'd love if you cut yours and showed us the results! I'm going to post my new hair after I get it done tomorrow!

  7. i had a dream about cutting my hair!! i love brooklyns cut!

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