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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chartreuse Me!~

Chartreuse...the name itself is beautifully elegant. The color is half way between yellow and green, but was actually named after a French liqueur called Green Chartreuse because of the color resemblance.

Whether in decor, fashion or even a car, Chartreuse always lifts my mood and makes me smile! While best used minimally, as a 'pop' color, there's nothing wrong with going Chartreuse crazy!

Some fun images I found:

That's what I call chartreuse crazy! But i love it!

Tamed down a bit, just the drapes and chair, but what a great touch!

What an impact this sofa makes in a mostly neutral room. I want!

My two favorite things combined into one! A Mini Cooper in a lovely Chartreuse. The picture doesn't do it justice, but I have seen this color on a Mini in person and it was love at first sight.

So sharp and chic this image is of these two men with chartreuse shoes and belt. It's crazy how much a color can change an outfit! How different would this outfit be if the shoes and belt were brown? I love this.

Add a bag this bold to any outfit to instantly spice it up.

One of my biggest weakness's....SHOES....and in my favorite color?! Louboutin knows what's up.

I've definitely rocked these nails a time or two!~ Not everyone gets it, but that makes it even more fun.


  1. I love those Loubs! Those are one of my fav pairs and that color just pops, it's so gorg! loving that nail color as well

    xo Ashleigh

  2. I LOVE this color! How pretty!